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Dario is interested in building long-term relationships that lift and help others connect while advancing them toward their goals.  His years of professional experience have been with industry-leading and Fortune 500 companies in the IT, Telecom, Public Safety, and Recreation industries.  His strong leadership foundation stems from his military f...amily and serving 8 years in the Marine Corps.  Semper Fi! Dario has a passion for excellence, education & serving others.  He enjoys mentoring and coaching, working through collaboration, knowledge sharing and team work.  I trust you will find our posts relevant and useful.  Specialties: Asset Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Incident Management, Information Security & Assurance, Networking & Operations Management, Problem Management, Process Improvement, Research, Relationship Management, Systems thinking and Team Building More
Over the 25+ years of experience in the computer information and technology field, I have been fortunate to have served many fine organizations and in almost every role within the technology market. My experience and abilities continue to allow me to encourage business leaders to adopt proven technology business practices in order to allow the orga...nizations to realize productivity, financial gains, and savings through the use of technology. Today more than ever I have the ability to influence the decision making process for many small to mid-sized companies through my own corporation - Firestone Technical Resources, Inc. What I have learned over the years is the importance of seeing past appearances, understanding the nature of people and what they can achieve, the ability to succeed with hard work and taking responsibility, cleverness and passion, and the learning that occurs through self-development and mentoring others.  My life motto I created back in high school, "the elevator to success is broken, you will have to use the stairs."Specialties: Systems Design; Database Management; Application Development; Storage Management; PC & Mainframe Support; Networking and Communications; Telecommunications; Training; and many others. More