While working with a client system we found that the Internet Explorer or any other browser application kept having issues with accessing the Internet. Reseting the browser settings would temporarily resolve the problem but it would quickly return the moment we would leave the client.

It turns out the client was using Juno as their e-mail application. As the user would review their mail they would occasionally get a message that had a hyperlink in the message to a web site. When clicking the link Juno would automatically open by change the proxy settings to force the browsing through their system.  

Juno Web Application hijacks the browser

 The result of this action by Juno was that the system was constantly installing malware that the client didn't want. We attempted to turn off all of the settings in the Juno application that caused this issue but were unsuccessful. Our last resort was to recommend that the user stop using Juno since Juno support was not able to resolve this.

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