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Symantec BE.clound ends - Alternative options to Backup Exec cloud

Symantec has officially pulled the plug on their Backup solution, and support will end in January 2015, leaving organizations in search of a solution to safeguard their data easily and affordably.   Firestone Technical Resources, Inc. has partnered with several industry leading backup providers giving our clients just the product and service they need. We’ve already put in service with clients these cloud backup options and know that they work. We hope this comprehensive replacement guide will help you determine the right product solution and value that fits your organization.

You probably also know that Symantec’s Backup Exec.Cloud was competitively priced, but was little more than a simple file backup solution. It lacked many business-grade features such as agentless environment backups, business continuity, and full servers, workstations,  Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, VMware, and Hyper V support.

Sherweb's SkyNox

SherWeb is one of our business partners than provides the SkyNox Online Backup solution. This is an easy win for our customers who are looking for an alternative solution to Symantec' service that will end soon.

  • AFFORDABLE low monthly fees, no contracts
  • EASY agentless setup
  • COMPLETE full environment backup
  • POWERFUL bandwidth & CPU control
  • SECURE bank-grade 448-bit + SSL
  • PRODUCTIVE anywhere, anytime access
  • COMPLIANT compatible with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, etc.

Nebula Data

This is our own service that is powered by a collaboration of Storage Craft software and Infrascale cloud storage services. We especially like this product for our smaller clients that are looking primarily for file service and mobile system backups.

  • AFFORDABLE - low monthly fees, no contracts
  • EASY - simple application setup
  • COMPLETE - full environment, file backup, or both
  • POWERFUL bandwidth & CPU control
  • SECURE bank-grade 448-bit + SSL
  • PRODUCTIVE anywhere, anytime access
  • COMPLIANT compatible with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, etc.

If you have an interest in subscribing to either of these services please contact us. Our contact information is on our Contact page and we would be glad to speak with you.

We hope that this information is helpful. Please let us know how this has helped you or if you have additional questions. As always Firestone Technical Resources, Inc. is here to help with your computer support issues - "Providing personal service for your impersonal technology." 


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