Firestone Technical Resources was started to provide old fashion customer service to the Firestone, Colorado area. We want to help you with whatever situation your are facing: computer running slow, got a virus, need to upgrade that old server, or just need some training. We are patient with our customers and will work with them at their level of expertise.

What is "Old Fashion" support?
Many years ago people would shop at their local store because the store owner lived and operated his business in his own town. This allowed people to cultivate personal relationships with the store owner. The store owner understood his community and his customers allowing him to provide more caring and personal service - not just the common corporate bottom line. Firestone Technical Resources mission is to provide this same type of support to its customers.

How Can We Help?
Learn more about some of our many services by browsing our web site:

Service Level
We do our best to provide timing service to all of our clients, however the needs of our clients vary greatly depending on the situation. We want to be sensitive to those needs and so we provide our services in order of priority base on the following:

  1. Business - System Failures
  2. Business - Data Recovery
  3. Business - General Support Issues
  4. Consumer - System Failures
  5. Consumer - Data Recovery
  6. Consumer - General Support Issues

You may notice that our business clients are given precedence over our consumer clients. We do this because our business client needs are often more time sensitive and have a larger financial impact. Our business clients also pay a premium for their services and at an hourly rate.

We consider our consumer client business as charity work because we provide high end business class technical support at a flat rate which results in little or no profit to us. We know that many of our consumer clients have the option to use large box store support services, but they also pay a premium for inexperienced service and poor results.

We work hard for all our clients, "providing personal service for your impersonal technology!"