Consulting Services

Whatever your technology needs are, we can help. Is your technology dated and in need of being refreshed? Is your network performance lagging and causing productivity issues? Are your users struggling with the new applications? Are your telecom services breaking your budget and unreliable? Then contact us to assist in obtaining appropriate hardware, designing your network infrastructure, developing custom training to improve productivity, and bringing your telecom system and costs into the 21st century.

We believe that educated customers are our best customers and productivity comes with education.

Maybe you are just having trouble finding your way around the new Microsoft Office suite or Windows operating system, we can teach you or your employees simple productivity lessons or advanced features.

Are you and your employees aware of the latest security issues such as identity theft? We would be happy to provide training on how you and your employees can protect yourselves from cybercrime.

Is your IT Management unappreciated because the system just went down and they worked all night to get it going again? We can help evaluate your IT management practices and turn this integral part of your organization into World Class and respected group in your business through managed endpoint security, monitoring, and cloud services.

Trying to expand your business on the web and can't figure out how to use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube? Is SEO just a three letter word that just seems to cost you more money? We understand the money pit of marketing a business on the web and would like to share our experience and that of our other clients with you.

At Firestone Technical Resources, Inc. we can help provide insight into these technologies, make connections with our prequalified partners, and teach you how to make the most of technology in this connected economy.