Payment card industry (PCI) compliance is the adherence to a set of security standards that were developed to protect payment card information during and after a financial transaction. With the new changes in credit card processing moving away from the traditional telephone service processing to Internet base processing, retail businesses now have to ensure that their system are protected.

Introducing the WatchGuard XTM Series firewalls! The XTM family of appliances are powerhouse performers for small businesses that want next-generation security features and fast firewall/VPN throughput at a small-business price. These devices are easy to configure and maintain as well as offer reporting features that are found only on much larger enterprise products.

The XTM 3 Series appliances are great entry level devices that include a suite of flexible management tools to give small businesses the tools they need to stay on top of network activity. They also include the Fireware® operating system for advanced networking features, including VLAN support, multi-WAN load balancing, and dynamic routing. Real-time monitoring and rich reporting are included at no extra cost.

Fast and affordable, XTM 5 Series appliances combine firewall/VPN with powerful security services and a suite of flexible management tools. Positioned in the middle of the XTM family of threat management appliances, 5 Series appliances deliver strong security, faster firewall throughput (up to 3.5 Gbps), and seven Ethernet interfaces – six GigE and one FE – to support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures and gigabit WAN connections. IT administrators can manage security from a centralized console, scriptable CLI, and web UI. Real-time monitoring and rich reporting are included at no extra cost. Easily scales to accommodate growth.

As a WatchGuard partner we have the experience needed to assist you with identifying the right device for your environment, configuring the appliance to meet your security needs, and to provide the training needed to manage your perimeter security should you choose to take control. We also offer managed services for your perimeter security for those clients who want top notch security but don’t want to manage it themselves.

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