When computers or applications become out dated they may put your business at risk due to failure. Many small businesses depend on the reliable working of their computer systems in order to stay in business but lack the resources to perform the incremental updates or upgrades that are required to keep them running reliably. Often the IT support in a small business is the owner or just the person with the most knowledge but not the expertise required to perform the task correctly.

Firestone Technical Resources has the unique experience of working with small businesses, providing fortune 500 business knowledge, and keeping costs affordable. We will help you identify the areas that put your business at the most risk, develop a migration strategy for your hardware or software systems, identify the appropriate hardware, and also help you implement any upgrade with the least impact to your budget or daily business activities.

Working through our partnerships with Dell, Microsoft, Kaspersky and Ingram Micro we can leverage cost effective change in your business that will help your business be more productive and competitive in your market place.

 We have worked with small businesses all over the Eastern Colorado area:

  • Arvada
  • Denver
  • Erie
  • Englewood
  • Firestone

If you know your computer systems are not up to date and would like a free consultation, please call us today (303) 325-3991.

Waiting to get your outdated system updated could result in a failure to service your customers and cost your business many times more to fix than to upgrade. Planning ahead and being proactive in your technology replacement allows you to make changes and spend financial resources when you want, not when the system is down.