Expert Resources

There is a lot of information on the web to help.

Unlike many of the computer support businesses that help you with your computer issues, we want to ensure that our customer's information remains safe. Please take time check out these sites for additional and in some cases more in depth information.

If you find this information helpful, please e-mail us or visit the company Facebook page and let us know how this information on Identity Theft made a difference.

ID Theft Task Force (Government)

Federal Trade Commission (Government)

US Department of Justice (Government)

Social Security Administration (Government)

FDIC FIL-100-2007 (Identity Theft Red Flags)(Government)

FDIC - Identity Theft & Fraud (Government)

FTC ID Theft Video (Government)

Business Identity Theft (Government)

Identity Theft Shield (Service)

Identity Theft Shield by Kroll, Inc. (Video)

Protect Your Credit (Non-Profit)

Identity Theft and Credit Protection (blog)

Updated Information

Safeguard Your Personal Information: Advice from the United States Postal Service on how identity theft or fraud can occur through tampering with packages or mail and how to avoid becoming a victim. [PDF]

Identity Theft Victim Kit: Online kit from the Attorney General Steve Carter that provides step-by-step instructions on how to resolve your identity theft case. [PDF]

Identity Theft Victim Checklist: Review the warning signs that you may be at risk for identity theft and learn the steps required to clear your good name with creditors.

Identity Theft and Internet Safety: Article discussing the risks, victim information, and ways to reduce the risk of becoming an identity theft victim from Internet scammers.

AccuPOS - Credit Card Fraud Protection and Safety Guide.

Personal Data Loss - A Guild to Identity Theft - Anna Bauman has written a nice article on Identity Theft and has included a list of additional resources that could be helpful in your prevention efforts.