Computer Repairs

In most cases we can repair your computer hardware for less than the cost of a new one. And in other cases, the computer may only need to be reinstalled. As a Dell partner, if you need a new computer, we will provide recommendations and help you move your data to the new computer.

We believe that customers need know when a computer should be repaired and when it should be replaced and why. Educating the customer is our advantage.

In addition we will ensure that your personal and confidential data is not compromised in the process - even if your computer is not working. We provide pickup and delivery to our local towns: Firestone, Frederick, and Dacono. We charge only a small $25 fee for surrounding areas.

If we don't fix it we won't charge you.

We only accept cash, checks, or money orders for consumer services. All work is payable at the time of delivery.

Are you in need of computer repair?

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