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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End of Life

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 End of Life

The End of Life for the Windows Server 2003 was on July 14, 2015.  It was reported that as many as 8 million licenses were still active at the time of the expiration for support. All support for Windows Server 2003 including R2 have ceased unless special paid support has been arranged with Microsoft.  Now is a good time to begin making plans to upgrade your old servers that may be running Windows Server 2003 and the applications you have running on them.

Not sure how this will impact your business? Then let us help you review your current install base and provide you with the man options available. This might be a great opportunity migrate applications to one of our Cloud Services like Microsoft Exchange, Nebula Data Online Backup, or VMware Cloud Air.

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Why CNET downloads are bad for your computer

I use to be a frequent visitor to CNET for downloads of trial software and in some cases updates to software which I purchased previously. After my last encounter with CNET I have to recommend to all my clients to stay away from any download from CNET for risk of downloading any number of malware and garbageware onto their computers.

There are allot of good free applications that many of us in the IT field like to use. CNET has been in the past one of the great locations to easily find the utility application you need when you don't have it readily available. We make it a habit to discourage most end users from using any Windows or Mac based tool that can be downloaded from the Internet unless they have extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the system the are using it on. A backup is always a best practice before installing any software.

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Symantec BE.clound ends - Alternative options to Backup Exec cloud

Symantec has officially pulled the plug on their Backup solution, and support will end in January 2015, leaving organizations in search of a solution to safeguard their data easily and affordably.   Firestone Technical Resources, Inc. has partnered with several industry leading backup providers giving our clients just the product and service they need. We’ve already put in service with clients these cloud backup options and know that they work. We hope this comprehensive replacement guide will help you determine the right product solution and value that fits your organization.

You probably also know that Symantec’s Backup Exec.Cloud was competitively priced, but was little more than a simple file backup solution. It lacked many business-grade features such as agentless environment backups, business continuity, and full servers, workstations,  Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, VMware, and Hyper V support.

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Business Relocation of Telecom and Internet

For some reason business owners have come to believe that relocating their telephone lines and Internet service can be done quickly and easily. Some of this misunderstanding and failed expectation may come from the ease of moving a cell phone number from one carrier to another. This is not the case for land line phone numbers or Internet service.

Telephone Service

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Copier and Identity Theft


Have you considered the security risk that your copier poses to your company? What about the risk to your employees and the potential lawsuits by them when their identity is stolen?

For the last several years most copier manufactures have been installing hard drives into these devices. The hard drives contain the impressions of the copies that were made whenever someone made a copy of a document. These images can exist on the copier for as long as the copier is in use and longer.

Many companies today don't own their copiers, they lease them. What happens when that copier is removed from a business and replaced with a new one? All of the companies information has just been rolled out of the business waiting for someone to discover it. In some cases the copier might be shipped to another country.

Have your employees ever used these copiers to make copies of personal medical information? Their information is at risk too. Identity theft is on the rise and your employees might be looking to blame you for allowing their information to be compromised.

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